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            Feicheng Green Fruits & Vegetables CO.,LTD .is a professional production of organic quick-freezing vegetables and dry-freezing vegetables increases in the cooperative enterprise. It has been working at planting and processing organic vegetables for many years, and has formed a complete organic vegetables planting and processing system.The company covered 54000m2,it has three quick-frozen organic vegetables pipeline and a continuous vacuum freeze-drying joint production lines, The main variety of quick-frozen product is: broccoli, spinach,cauliflower, green beans , edamame ,carrots,and so on .the dehydration products are: garlic¡¢spinach¡¢green pepper ¡¢onion etc.

            From the day our company established in 2002 , we have always been taking strengthening quality consciousness as predetermination condition of improving quality of our product ,taking ceaselessly perfecting quality system as the central task of company management . ¡°Customer is the center, quality is fundamentality¡± is the quality guideline of our company. We acquired HACCP certification, EUREP GAP certification ,OCIA , FDA,and OFDC organic certification. Acquiration of these certifications is basis and guarantee of safety and stability of quality of our product.

            Our products satisfy national export standard, are popular in North America, Japan , Canada etc.

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