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            Company has complete quality control system, responsible for the processes of product quality inspection and testing, processing workshops on various food safety, health uninterrupted supervision and inspection: 1. Company adopted the HACCP system and OCIA certification of organic certification, set up their own system of self-inspection-controlled, in strict accordance with the requirements of the accreditation standards for food safety and hygiene management, to ensure that products meet industry standards and standards of the importing country to ensure that the integrity of organic products 2. company set up a complete tracking system, crops, raw materials acceptance, processing and packaging production shipments are in the process control, data and records are maintained, the effective realization of farmland from the table to the retrospective. 
            Company has high standards of pesticide residue analysis laboratory and microbiological testing laboratories 1. Pesticide residue testing: According to the standard for harvesting the former base of raw materials and finished products shipped in accordance with organic standards for sampling analysis 2. Microbial detection: semi-finished and finished products, as well as water quality on a regular basis, the equipment, such as air testing, the certification authority of the laboratory testing agencies regularly with the comparison reference to experiment with irregular participation in the inter-industry practice and experience exchange and cooperation so as to ensure the accuracy of testing !

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